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WordPress Fullstack Website Audit


This is a fullstack, WordPress website audit.

IMPORTANT: For this audit we do require admin access to your WordPress site. We do include instructions with this audit so that you can give us access.

We will inspect your site while browsing the front and back-end of your website.

The key points we will be checking for are:

  • Site speed.
  • Mobile optimization and overall responsiveness.
  • Meta Data and basic SEO.
  • Inclusion of vital scripts.
  • User experience.
  • Plugin efficiency/reliability.
  • Organization.

You will receive:

  • A report where we point out inadequacies as well as things that your site is doing well.
  • A recording where we will navigate your site (front and back-end) and explain key points that we discover.

We do not necessarily go through the entire site. Larger sites could have hundreds of pages and blog posts. We will usually start from the homepage and hit the internal links on the main navigation and footer. We don’t need to report on every page and blog post to get a good idea of the set up of the site.

* This product is for one domain or subdomain only. If you have more than one domain or subdomain that you would like audited, add additional quantity when purchasing.

Example: = 1 Audit = 1 Audit + = 2 Audit’s.



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